Business Services

Our team of real estate professionals brings a wide range of experience and creativity to our relationships with clients. Capstone Companies provides a variety of services to help businesses both small and large. We welcome you to check out business services below and please reach out to us with any questions. 


Capstone Companies works with business owners to sell their business or potential new business owners to buy a business. Capstone Real Estate has the knowledge and resources to help you get the most when buying or selling a Michigan business.

Our detailed valuation technique and extensive market knowledge, combined with years of practical experience make Capstone’s business brokerage function another valuable service we offer to our clients.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a business, we can help you get the best results possible. Contact us to schedule an appointment and one of our team members will be in touch as soon as possible.


Capstone Real Estate’s team helps clients buy, sell, or lease commercial real estate in West Michigan. 



Capstone Companies’ Property Management services take the work out of real estate ownership.

Managing their own and numerous clients’ properties in the West Michigan area has given the principals of Capstone, David TenCate & John Groothis, extensive experience in the management of commercial real estate, with the additional benefit of operating with an owner’s perspective.


In addition to Groothuis and TenCate, the Capstone Companies team includes a Certified Property Manager, Bookkeeper, and maintenance technician. This combined wealth of knowledge and real-estate related experience makes Capstone the logical choice for professional management service of any commercial real estate in West Michigan. 


With 100 years of experience in West Michigan real estate combined our amazing team at Capstone Companies can answer your specific questions regarding your commercial real estate needs. 

Whether you are negotiating a lease, looking to acquire, dispose of, or develop a property, contest real estate taxes assessed against a parcel, value a business, or negotiate financing with your lender, Capstone’s team of experienced professionals is uniquely qualified to assist you in achieving your goal.

You can engage Capstone to assist or represent you with any real estate related matter.



We can help find the best location and market conditions to develop a new office, retail, industrial, or multi-family facility. If you’re looking to develop commercial property in West Michigan, look no further, Capstone has you covered!


The Capstone team member’s varied backgrounds in law, banking, engineering, and commercial appraisal will be a valuable asset in helping you find the best location and market conditions in which to develop a new office, retail, industrial or multi-family facility.


We’ll help you find the best location and market conditions in which to develop a new office, retail, industrial or multi-family facility.


Capstone Companies specializes in helping attorneys and bankers stabilize troubled properties in the West Michigan area.

The services rendered in a court-appointed receivership are usually similar to those offered to Capstone’s management clients.

The distinctions between receivership and more traditional management, however, are not insignificant.


Receivers are usually appointed when a property is either abandoned or under-performing and a tenant or mortgage-holder commences litigation in order to assure that the property is preserved and maintained.

Capstone has been appointed by numerous courts to oversee the management of property in the West Michigan area, and we are proud of the success we’ve enjoyed in our role as a receiver.



Looking for capital, an equity partner, subordinated debt, or a traditional loan? Capstone’s Capital Partners Team has a history of assisting small to medium-sized businesses and real estate investors fund growth and development projects.

Capstone uses a team approach in helping you achieve your goals. We match the strengths of individuals within our team with the pertinent business need, while maintaining absolute confidentiality throughout the process.  Our principals bring diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience to our team:

John Groothuis is a former banker with 20 years of commercial lending experience. He currently specializes in business acquisition deals, and he holds a real estate license.

David Ten Cate is a licensed attorney with a background in business and real estate law and is also a real estate broker.  

Our success in assisting area businesses with their capital needs include:

  • Secured $1.5 million in funding for regional developer to assist national franchise with its Midwest expansion plans
  • Acquired $1.0 million in funding for a residential developer in combination with support through a local bank lending program
  • Provided guarantors to back-stop a letter of credit issued for a municipal project
  • Created line of credit availability for residential real estate investor supporting purchases and resales of foreclosure opportunities
  • Acquired $600,000 in funding for to assist residential land contract vendor with portfolio growth


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